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The national language of Bhutan is Dzongkha, which is widely spoken in western region. The eastern region of the country speak Sharchop, where as the people in the south speak Nepali.
English has been used as the medium of instructions in schools and institutes. You will get by comfortably if you speak English, as the language is taught in schools in Bhutan. Many children in Bhutan tend to walk up to visitors, wave and say hi or hello. The Bhutanese are always thrilled when they meet visitors who try to speak their language. Here are some useful phrases.

The seventy percent of the population follow the Buddhist faith while balance follows Hindu beliefs. Besides offering spectacular natural beauty and a pristine environments, Bhutan’s landscape is studded with a profusion of majestic dzongs, beautiful gompas (monasteries) and chortens (stupas) that are evidence of living spiritual culture.
The kingdom of Bhutan’s official religion is Drukpa Kagyu,a school of Mahayana Buddhism .Bhutan came under the Buddhist influence via Tibet. Apparently this was foretold by the chief protagonist of the vajrayana teaching of Buddhism-Guru Rinpoche, the precious teacher.

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